COVID-19 Updates

This page will be regularly updated with the most up to date information to keep you as informed as possible.

SEPTEMBER 2021 Update: 

What has changed?

  • Lessons begin at 8.55 and end at 3.15 for children in Reception to Year 6. Classroom doors will be open from 8.45

  • The children will not be in class bubbles but we will keep contact between different year groups to a minimum

  • Your child does NOT need to isolate if they come into contact with someone at school or outside of school with Covid-19. They can continue to come to school but you will need to book a PCR test for them. If their result is positive, they will then need to isolate.  You can book at test here

  • Children will have lunch in the canteen with a full menu again.

  • Mask wearing is personal choice but we still ask for masks to be worn if you are inside school.

What has stayed the same

  • Children who have Covid-19 symptoms should not come to school. They should take a PCR test.

  • We will continue to have extra cleaning throughout the day

  • Classrooms will remain well ventilated and regular hand cleaning will continue

  • We will keep the one-way system at drop off and pick up times

  • We ask parents to phone or email the school office and not visit in person

Help on home LearningIf You Are Struggling And In Need Of Support Check Out Our "Support For You And Your Family" Page Here

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