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Year 6

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” 

Nikos Kazantzakis

Welcome to Year 6 - an exciting and rewarding year with so MANY things to look forward to!  This year you will take part in trips linked to our thematic study, including an action-packed day at Sale Water Park, kayaking and team-building; the fantastic Enterprise project, where you will become part of a creative team marketing and selling a new product; swimming lessons at the state of the art Aquatics Centre and taking part in an end of year production that was described by one participant as "like being part of a real theatre company". Year 6 will definitely a year to remember! 

This year, as always at Seymour Park Community Primary School, we will work incredibly hard to achieve the best we can.  Determination, perseverance, and a Growth Mindset will be at the centre of every learning task that we do - not to mention having lots of FUN!  

Mrs Spencer-Davies, Mr Kilgarriff and Mrs Hayter are here to guide you through your learning journey, alongside our teaching assistants Mrs Murray and Mrs Epplestone. We are all here to help you to achieve the absolute best that you can and to make sure that you are as happy as possible throughout the course of the year. 

We hope you enjoy looking at all of the fun and exciting activities that you will undertake as part of your learning journey at Seymour Park Community Primary School.  We very much hope that your last year at our amazing school will be a fun and exciting one!

Year 6 Overview and Pictures!

Please see attached document for the year 6 curriculum in the downloads section at the bottom of this page. Don't forget to check the gallery at the bottom of the page!

As part of your time in year 6 you will undertake a wide range of exciting learning opportunities including the following: 

Enterprise Project

During the Summer term, pupils will undertake a fun and exciting business project called Enterprise. This is a real-life skills program built around the premise of children starting their own business, working in teams to create a business idea, making their product and marketing it, and finishing with an exciting Summer Fair to which other year groups, families, relatives, and the local community will be invited.  

World War 2

In the Summer term, we undertake a History learning topic based on World War 2.  We learn about all aspects of life in WW2  and will be visits from a local man who lived in Old Trafford during the war, and who was evacuted from our school.

South America

During the Spring term, we will undertake a study of South America including aspects of both physical and human geography.  We will learn about the main mountain range and river in South America as well as studying the climate and all aspects of tourism and trade. 

A Historical Study of Local People

Did you know how many famous historians originated from our local area?   We will focus on local woman Emmeline Pankhurst and The Suffrage Movement.  

Please see our year 6 curriculum overview to see the full range of learning opportunities that will be available during your time in year 6 - we look forward to the learning journey that we will undertake together this year! 


In year 6, we complete our home-learning within Google Classroom.  Each week, you will receive an English task and a Maths activity.  In addition, you will be given ten spellings to learn for a quiz each Friday morning. Your class teacher will set your home-learning tasks every Friday and they will need to be completed by the following Friday.  


You will need to wear your PE kit to come to school on your PE day.  The PE days for the classes are outlined below: 











Swimming will take place in year 6 in the Autumn Term. Pupils will have received a detailed letter regarding arrangements for this.


In Autumn 1, we have a very exciting music opportunity for all year 6 - we will be continuing our learning journey on the ukulele.


Reading for Pleasure

We encourage all children in year 6 to develop a love of books and reading is one of our top priorities.  Our children will visit our school library each week and we have daily reading for pleasure time in class.  Your class teacher will also read a range of exciting and engaging stories to you throughout the year.  Y6 pupils have the opportunity to become school librarians, encouraging others in school by modelling great reading behaviour.

If you are looking for suggestions of books to read in Year 6, follow this link to find some great suggestions! 

50 Reads


Towards the end of year 6, in May, the children will complete their End of Key Stage 2 Assessments (commonly known as SATs).   

Please have a look at the video and document below. They provide information about the purpose of the tests, how parents can best support their children, and how results will be reported. The information is from 2019  but it is still relevant for anyone wanting to know any information about the structure of the assessments.

Video for Parents

Information For Parents

Year 6 Helpful learning websites

Y6 website learning links



Spelling game -

Practise all of the year 5 and 6 spellings.  Can you improve your knowledge of the spelling rules?

A link to lots of brilliant games to practise your spelling, punctuation and grammar!

This website includes loads of fun and exciting ways to practise your punctuation skills.  Have a go and have fun!


Reading  - create a FREE account here and take an assessment that will create a personalised pack of reading comprehensions for you some free ebooks for 9-11 year olds here.  and more reading ebooks here too


Writing  BBC bitesize have some super writing hooks that can be used at home  use the clips in Literacy shed to stimulate great writing - watch the clip and retell the story, or carry the story on, or write a setting or character description


Maths using their individual username and password, pupils can practise, learn, challenge their classmates and assess their times tables. has a super range of games, lessons and resources. has a wide range of free to play Maths games. Mathsframe has a great range of free to play Maths games. follow this link to find out and play the 9 best free and interactive Maths games for 7-11 year olds. is a brilliant game (free to use option) with a broad range of age-related Maths content. 



Fun clips to watch and games to play on BBC Bitesize

Oak Learning Academy has fantastic lessons, with videos and interactive quizzes

Science Bob has lots of fun experiments that can be done at home



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