School Day

School is very busy before and after school so it is best to walk to school. If you have to drive we ask that you park away from Northumberland and walk round to the playgrounds. You should wait on the playgrounds with your children until the classroom doors open.

Being on time for learning is very important. All classroom doors open at 8.45. Any child arriving after 8.55 will need to use the red gate and be marked as late. 

The playgrounds are also the place to wait to collect your child at home time. 

Mr Johnson is always at the gate at the start and end of the school day if you need anything. 

Reception to Year 6

8.45 - 3.15

Nursery mornings only

8.30 – 11.30

Nursery afternoons only 

12.15 – 3.15

Nursery full time 

8.30 – 3.15