Attendance, Punctuality and Absence


At Seymour Park Community Primary School, we believe that regular school attendance is key for our children to achieve their potential. Pupils with good attendance records benefit from:

  • maximising educational opportunities

  • developing good habits for Secondary School/ adult life

  • making and maintaining friendships

We encourage and reward our good attenders in our assemblies on a whole class and individual basis. 

Our target attendance is 96%- Here is how you can help your children and our school achieve this!

  • Be on time- school doors open at 8.45am and are closed promptly at 9am when staff ring the school bell for learning to begin. If your child arrives after 9am they will receive a late mark and you must enter school via the office, using the computerised system to explain the reason for lateness. 

  • Please ensure that non-urgent appointments (eg. routine dental/ medical) are made out of school times where possible. If this is unavoidable- please provide copies of appointment letters/ cards.

  • Do not book holidays in term time, in line with the Government ruling, these will not be authorised and Penalty notices and fines will be issued where appropriate.

  • Inform the school of absences, providing valid reasons- this must be done each day as early as possible. Parents/ carers can do this via ParentMail or by phone on 0161 872 1150.

  • If you are experiencing issues with any aspect of punctuality or/and attendance- please do come and talk to the Learning Mentors (Mrs Liversedge and Miss Shuttleworth) or our Extended Services Manager (Mrs Hanrahan) as we are here to help and support our families. We can usually be found at the beginning and end of the day in the playground or at the front office. 

Extended leave request form

End of day punctuality

The school day finishes at 3.15pm and it is also important for children to be collected promptly at this time. If you are persistently late to pick up your child, this will result in a meeting with SLT to resolve the issue.