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Digital Leaders

What’s a digital leader? 

A digital leader is a pupil who is part of a digital leaders’ team within their school, their role is to support the use and further the development of Computing in school. Being a digital leader helps children develop confidence and leadership skills. Digital leaders have a fantastic opportunity to take on new responsibilities and learn new skills. 

As a digital leader, their responsibilities are: 

  • Learning how to use key software, so that they can be a help to others.
  • Assist teachers and pupils in understanding coding applications. 
  • Have a good understanding on how to stay safe with technology and share with others.
  • Trialling potential new software and websites, then demonstrating them to other children and teachers.
  • Writing blog posts and commenting on other blogs
  • Solving problems for and giving help to teachers, parents ,and pupils with Computing.
  • Set up equipment in classrooms for teachers. 
  • Helping to lead the school forwards within the subject of Computing. 

Recent Projects:

Our digital leaders provide meaningful support for teachers and peers throughout our school. This term our Year 5 and 6 digital leaders have been assisting children in KS1 during their computing lessons. Their roles have provided technical support for our younger chilldren on how to use a computer successfully, as well as, provide guidence throughout challenging coding lessons.  

Upcoming Projects:

  • Creating videos and posters on how to stay safe when using technology and going online.
  • Presenting their online safety work to year groups during key stage assemblies. 

Our digital leaders:

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Online Safety Posters: 

Online Poster 1

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Research Poster


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