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Year 3

‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’

Dr. Seuss 

Year 3 is an important year as it represents the transition from KS1 to KS2. The children will notice that the learning becomes more formal and structured and independence and resilience are promoted and encouraged as two important skills that will set them up for life in the juniors. 

The teachers in Year 3 are Mr. Ball, Mrs. Friar, and Miss Nuttall and our teaching assistants are Miss Papoe, Mrs. Rahmen, Mrs. Moosa, and Mrs. Khan, who are busy supporting the children and the teachers to ensure that they can all access the learning and reach their potential. 

Some of the topics and activities that we do in Year 3 are as follows: 

The Stone Age 

Children learn about life in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, a period covering a million years of history. As well as understanding the chronology of this fascinating time, children will learn about the food, religion, homes, technology, and art and how each of these areas developed and changed over time and how amazing developments occurred from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. 

UK Geography 

Children learn about the geography of the UK, looking at where the UK is on a world map, the four different countries and their capital cities, rivers and mountains and different landscapes and landmarks within our countries. 

Ancient Egypt  

During this topic, the children learn about life in Ancient Egypt which includes what they ate, wore, and how they spent their free time. They learn about the importance of the River Nile as a transportation route and a source of energy for animals and crops. In addition to this, they also learn about Pharaohs, the important part they played in Egyptian Society, their burial customs and beliefs.  

Our curriculum overview provides more detailed information about other activities and learning opportunities that take place in Year 3.