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Year 4

"Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change to the world"Roald Dahl 

Moving up into Year 4 is exciting for our children because they are already comfortable with the routine of the juniors and are starting to feel much more confident in their key stage 2 learning.

During Year 4, our teachers encourage the children to become more independent in their thinking, learning, and decision making. Year 4 is also the year that children will earn their ‘pen license’. This means that they can write in pen at school because they have proved they can consistently use neat, cursive handwriting. This is a great achievement for our children and something which they are always extremely proud of.  

In England, all Year 4 children are required to complete a times tables check in the summer term. Therefore, lots of practice is essential for all of our Year 4 children so they know all of their times' tables fluently.  

The teachers in Year 4 are Miss Robinson, Mrs. Das, and Mrs. White and our teaching assistants are Miss Elliot, Mrs. Rainey, and Mrs. Moosa. All of our teaching and support staff want our children to achieve great things so we will challenge the children and offer lots of encouragement, so they can reach their true potential. 

Some of the topics and activities that we do in Year 4 are as follows: 

The Ancient Romans 

The children take a deep dive into this exciting time in history and grow their understanding of where Ancient Rome fits within British history and discover how we still use some of their engineering ideas today. Children will learn what life would have been like all of those thousands of years ago and compare that to our daily life, climate, and surroundings in the present day. As well as this, the children will also learn how the Ancient Roman civilization came to an end, and by exploring the remains of Ancient Rome that still exist to this day, they will gain a brilliant understanding of this period in history.  

What a Wonderful World 

We think it is really important that our children understand the world in which we live so we teach them how to read and understand maps, keys, and symbols, to build their knowledge of the UK and where it fits within the wider world. By comparing the human and physical geography in the UK to different countries in the world, our children gain a great understanding of how life is different for other people in the world. We also find out all about volcanoes and earthquakes and the impact they have on the world and people’s lives.  


During this topic, children will understand the importance of electricity and learn how to be safe when using electrical items. Excitingly, the children will make their own simple circuits while designing and creating a light-up device, containing a switch, that they could use in their everyday lives. The children will also learn about how scientific ideas around the use of electricity has changed over time. We encourage quality discussions, by giving them opportunities to debate their theories, thus using their scientific knowledge while developing their reasoning skills. 

Our curriculum overview provides more detailed information about other activities and learning opportunities that take place in Year 4.