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Year 5

‘Love Challenges, Be Intrigued By Mistakes, Enjoy Effort And Keep On Learning!’ 

Carol Dweck

Moving up into Year 5 is exciting for our children, as they become part of the Upper Key Stage Two Department.  Determination, resilience and a Growth Mindset underpin all of our learning experiences in Year 5 - as well as lots of fun! 

Year 5 is an important year for our children, as they approach learning with more independence and begin to develop the skills which will help them succeed in Year 6. 

The teachers in Year 5 are Ms Codling, Mrs Glinka, Miss Kerr and Miss Povey and our teaching assistants are Mrs Booker and Mrs Eppleston. Our aim is to provide a fun, exciting and challenging curriculum that makes a world of difference to every child.  

As part of our Year 5 learning journey, children will get to experience a range of exciting learning opportunities:

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings 

During the Spring term, children have the opportunity to take part in an engaging Anglo-Saxon experience at Tatton Park. This trip immerses the children in Anglo-Saxon life, and they are able to use this learning experience in further lessons throughout the term. In the classroom, an exciting trading lesson enables children to put themselves into the shoes of an Anglo-Saxon. Children also reenact the Viking legend of Beowulf (with the help of a green screen background) and then use this experience to inform the writing of an action scene.  

Earth and Space 

The fabulous range of technology available at Seymour Park Community Primary School enables the children to begin to comprehend the vastness of space. In the classroom, Year 5 children experience moving through the Solar System using augmented reality, and an amazing educational visit to the world-leading research center at Jodrell Bank provides children with the opportunity to apply their learning within a real-life context.  

North American Study 

In the Summer term, children further develop their map reading skills and use of 6-figure grid references. They also learn more about longitude and latitude and how this impacts upon physical and human geography along with understanding the difference between climate and weather. Children also undertake a fun fieldwork study of their local area, to help them compare and contrast Trafford with an area of North America.  

Curriculum Overview 

Please see our curriculum overview for more information about the other learning opportunities that take place in Year 5. 


Key Messages 

We encourage our children to read at home with their families at least three times per week. Every child has a yellow reading record which can be signed each time they read, and all children are given a home reading book based on their book band. Children are also encouraged to read for pleasure in the classroom, with a wide range of books available in class reading corners.  

We use Google Classroom for home learning. Our children have one English and one Maths Home Learning activity to complete per week, this is set on a Tuesday and is to be returned the following Tuesday. 

Weekly spellings list are sent home, both in paper form and on Google Classroom. Children receive spellings lists on a Wednesday and are tested the following Wednesday. 

Year 5 PE days are Monday and Tuesday; children need to wear their PE kits to school on these days.