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Vision & Values

Seymour Park Community Primary School has a clear vision for the future of our school and the education of our children. Our vision is a promise to our children and is best summed up by our motto:  

Making a World of Difference. 

Img 3321We believe education matters and changes lives. We empower our children to make a difference in their own lives, the life of their community, and in our world.  At Seymour Park we provide our children with an education that makes a world of difference.   

Our vision is founded on our core values and our commitment to children's rights as a proud UNICEF Rights Respecting School.  


We are a vibrant, diverse school family where everyone is welcomed, valued and treated with fairness. 


We nurture, support and show compassion in all that we do; placing children at the heart of our school family.  


We have limitless ambitions for every member of our school family as we learn, develop and thrive together.  

Children's Rights 

Seymour Park Community Primary School is proud to be a GOLD UNICEF Rights Respecting School. Children’s rights are learned and lived here. 

Our values and our commitment to children's rights determine how we work together to achieve our vision. They embody who we are as a school and underpin every decision we make. They guide us, ground us and bind us together as ONE school family. A school family making a world of difference.  

To ensure Seymour Park Community Primary School achieves its vision of making a world of difference, our governors set long-term school improvement goals. These goals form our Strategic Plan for the next five years and can be found here:

Seymour Park Community Primary School Strategic Plan 2021-2026

British Values  

At Seymour Park Community Primary School we uphold and teach pupils about British values as directed under Ofsted guidance, September 2019. Democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths are taught explicitly through PSHE and RE lessons in class as well as our assembly program and whole school events. We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum and have achieved the following external accreditations which demonstrate evidence of our commitment to British Values: 

  • Leading Parent Partnership Award (2018) 
  • ​GOLD UNICEF Rights Respecting School (June 2022) 

In addition to our curriculum, we have promoted British values through: 

  • Our annual Pupil Parliament election and the ongoing work of our pupil MPs and Pupil Presidents. 
  • Regular visits from our local elected officials such as our MP, Kate Green.
  • The Children's Shakespeare Festival 
  • Our many pupil action teams including Rights Rangers, Digital Leaders, Green Team, and Young Interpreters.  
  • Y6 business enterprise scheme  
  • Equalities assemblies program linked to children’s rights and global events  
  • Expanding our school resources to include positive representations of the diversity of our school family  
  • Annual JAMBOREE festival celebrating the vibrant diversity of our school family and community
  • Curriculum enrichment opportunities such as visits to local places of worship
  • Regular guest speakers including local political and religious leaders, Crown Court judges, GMP and GMFRS.  
  • Pupil engagement in local issues such as parking and air pollution
  • Visit to Trafford Town Hall to participate in a British Citizenship Ceremony 


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