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School-based research projects and partnerships

Seymour Park Community Primary School is committed to providing our children with an education that makes a world of difference.

To achieve this aim, we engage in regular school-based research projects to ensure our practise is at the cutting edge. These projects are school-based and carried out in partnership with organisations such as the University of Manchester or the Education Endowment Foundation.

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Current Projects and Partners 

Education Endowment Foundation: Early Maths Development (WRM Jigsaw Project) Metroploitan University: Voices of the future Treescapes

Nuffield Early Language Intervention Literacy Support Assistants Development Trust: School Partnership Programme.

Completed projects

  • 2019- 2020 The University of Manchester in partnership with Trafford Educational Psychology Service ‘Creating Attachment Aware Schools’.
  • 2019- 2020 Parental Engagement Network in partnership with Trafford Council and the EEF ‘Mouse Club: boosting achievement through developing basic skills and home learning environments’
  • 2020- 2021 NPQML Research project ‘ Developing an effective feedback and marking policy’
  • 2020- 2021 NPQML Research project   'To increase the number of children reaching Secure in Maths through the use of same day interventions'
  • 2019 The University of Manchester in partnership with TTSA 'Is positive feedback distributed fairly?'
  • 2018 The University of Manchester in conjuncture with TTSA ‘How will our changing demographic change the way we teach?’
  • 2016 The University of Manchester in conjuncture with TTSA ‘Why are Arabic children overrepresented on our SEND Register?’


Page Downloads Date  
Why are Arabic children over-represented on our SEND Register? Poster 13th May 2020 Download
Is positive feedback distributed fairly? Poster 07th May 2020 Download
Is Positive Feedback Distributed Fairly? Poster 2 07th May 2020 Download
How will the changing demographic of our school change the way we teach? Poster 13th May 2020 Download