Learn more about Relationship Education

Last year, the government introduced Relationship Education as part of the curriculum that all schools must teach their children. Schools were asked to add the new learning into the curriculum and then share that plan with staff, children, parents and our community. The government delayed this because of the pandemic but once we were able to share our plans, we consulted widely with parents and our community before our policy was approved by our school governors in May 2021.

What is Relationship Education?

Relationship Education teaches children about families, caring friendships, respectful relationships, being safe and online safety with others. We all know how important this is for our children and so is something Seymour Park has always chosen to teach as part of our Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum. Our children benefit from learning about each other and how to live safe, respectful and positive lives.

What will change?

From 2021 Relationship Education is statutory, which means we have to teach it as part of our curriculum. As we already cover the new guidance from the government in our PSHE lessons, we plan to continue to do this. This means very little will change and we will not introduce a new curriculum. Our parents, staff and children are happy with how we deliver Relationship Education so we plan to continue.

Where can I find more information?

​Sadly, the internet contains lots of incorrect information about Relationship Education and what schools are actually teaching so I would ask that you read our plans first. Our consultation is now closed but we are always happy to answer any questions you have. You can read our policy and a summary of our PSHE curriculum here: