Rights Rangers

We are extremely proud to be a GOLD Rights Respecting School. We are the Rights Rangers and our job is to promote children's rights in our school, community and world!

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Unicef works with schools in the UK to create safe and inspiring places to learn, where children are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive. Our Rights Respecting work embeds these values in daily school life and gives children the best chance to lead happy, healthy lives and to be responsible, active citizens. 


We are currently working with The Flying Seagull Project. Check out a display we created:

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 On our Rights Celebration Day we did a whole school poem! Every class was assigned an Article of the UNCRC by the Rights Rangers. They thought and learnt about this article all day then came up with a line of poetry all about that article. This gave us our whole school peom, each line is a different class and each stanza is a different year group, starting with Reception. 

A Celebration of Rights

My family cares for me, they hug and kiss me goodnight, I go to sleep feeling happy, loved and tucked in tight,

ALL of the children around our world have many different rights; each one is so important to make our futures bright,

We love learning, it’s our right. It will make our future bright.


Friendship is a special thing and one that we should treasure. When we are all nice and kind, we have fun together,

Blowing bubbles, listening to stories, doing art and throwing balls outside; we have the right to relax and play and it makes us feel happy, calm and excited everyday,

We might believe in different things but our family and friends happiness brings.


A home has family, food, clothes, it’s safe, every child deserves their own special place,

Clean water, good food and health care, things we all need and should definitely share,

We are under 18, we know who we are. We all have rights and spread them far!


This is a school of hundreds of identities where we are all unique, from hobbies, to your hair, to your names, we care about every identity at the school of Seymour Park, 

Whatever language we speak or way of life we lead, we respect, protect and celebrate,

We are a school with many nationalities and all have our identities, it would be a shame to not be called by our name, our name is the star of our days.


This is a school of dignity, dreams and differences: where children with disabilities are supported to nurture their abilities. 

Every child on Earth should have a voice for their rights which will protect and give them respect,

This is a school of safety, where we quickly whoosh along the deep sea of knowledge and the ride wave of learning.


Unique, respect, dignity and diverse, this is our school; not all children enjoy this right, but we have the power to make that right,

This is the school of dignity, equity and justice where kindness is shown to everyone; refugees are not always safe but we can provide a protected place,

Children have rights-they don’t need to fight. Our place is with our family, our community-not in the army! So let us be children.


Bystanders, go away, upstanders, helping every day: responsibility, everyone has, safety, sometimes lacking,

Our voice, our choice - acknowledge and listen to a child’s thoughts: a voice not heard is a mind blurred.  The adults of the future, we are the next generation; listen to a child without hesitation,

To be heard and listened to is our right; all 7 continents, all children alike.