Learning and Teaching

At Seymour Park Community Primary School we believe that education matters and changes lives.

We empower our children to make a difference in their own lives, the life of the community and in our world. We provide our children with an education that makes a world of difference in order that they may achieve their full potential in all activities engaged in by our school community. At Seymour Park we have a clear and strong focus on  LEARNING and PROGRESS whilst having FUN. We believe that learning happens best when both heart and mind are engaged.

Learning and Teaching at Seymour Park:
  • Fosters and encourages our school’s ‘Core Values’
  • Embraces a ‘Growth MindSet’ approach to improvement
  • Encourages pupils to seek challenge and develop mastery
  • Supports pupil resilience
  • Utilises the school’s agreed Language for Learning
  • Facilitates opportunities for deeper learning and develop thinking skills through Questioning Strategies, alongside Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Exists beyond the classroom