Home Learning

Home-learning at Seymour Park Community Primary School

This page is to help you and your child with home-learning whilst they are at home.


How will home learning work?

  • Home-learning will be posted on Google Classroom every day.
    Google classroom
  • Your child will be invited to a daily Zoom check in every morning where the teacher will explain the learning for the day.
  • The teacher will then post video-lessons on the classroom and work that needs to be completed. This will include daily English and Maths lessons, and a mix of other subjects too.
  • In the afternoon, the children will be able to attend a Zoom tutorial for extra support or challenge with the maths and English learning.
  • Children should submit their work when it is completed.
  • You and the children can ask questions to teachers through Google Classroom.
  • Your child will also be invited to regular assemblies and story times sessions. 

What support is there for me and my child?

  • We want to help so please contact us with any problems!
  • We can now provide digital devices to your child whilst they are at home if you need one. This is fantastic and means every child can now access home learning when they need to.
  • Mr Tatham will be available to answer any questions you have about Google Classroom googleclassroom@seymourpark.com
  • If you a struggling for devices please fill out this form. Please only complete this form if you're really struggling as devices are limited. Please only complete this form once, all requests are judged on a need basis rather than a 'first come first served' basis
  • Did you know you can access Google Classroom on Playstation and Xbox? Check out Mr Tatham's video guide here

What are school’s expectations?

  • We know learning from home is not the same as learning in school which is why it is so important all children complete their learning every day. 
  • We are here to help if this is difficult and teachers will call to offer their support and check-in with children not completing their home-learning.
  • Please help your child get used to this new way of learning as it is something which may unfortunately happen throughout the year.

Support with Google Classroom

PDF Guide on joining and navigating Google Classroom

Usernames, passwords and class codes

If you require your childs username and password please email Mr Tatham googleclassroom@seymourpark.com Class codes were on the letters we sent to each child in the top right corner, if you require this again please email Mr Tatham stating the class you require.

Support with Personal Devices

If you are having problems accessing Google Classroom or any of the resources set in your classwork assignments, there are a few things you can try:

  • Check your username and password, ensure you haven't got CAPS lock on when typing in your password and don't forget to type @seymourpark.com after your username. 
  • Restarting the device, this is particularly helpful if using a mobile or tablet device, it sounds simple but fixes lots of common issues. 
  • Make sure you have a strong wi-fi connection. This may mean moving closer to the wireless router or ensuring others in the house are streaming video or playing online games.
  • Some Internet Service Providers has built in filtering systems such as Sky Shield or BT Parental Controls. These options are excellent but you may need to tell them to allow Google Classroom content through as it may not be sure what it is and automatically block it. Your Internet provider will be able to talk you through these steps or most have tutorials on their websites. We are not asking you to turn these systems off, just allow Google Classroom traffic to pass through them. 
  • If you have tried the above steps and are still having problems please feel free to email Mr Tatham googleclassroom@seymourpark.com with as much detail as possible, photos or videos of the error messages or problems are really helpful. 

Please do not call the school office with any Google Classroom issues, they do not have access to usernames and passwords and they will simply direct you to this page and ask you to get in touch with Mr Tatham via email on googleclassroom@seymourpark.com

Google Classroom on other devices

As well as being used on computers, tablets and phones, Google Classroom also works on other Internet enabled devices such as Playstation, Xbox and even smart TVs. Check out this video on how to login on Playstation!

Parent and Pupil Zoom acceptable use policy

In order to create a safe learning environment for pupils and staff when taking part in Zoom Remote Lessons, the
following considerations must be observed:
  • Zoom is only to be accessed by a device in a communal family space. Preferably with a plain background.
  • The participant name should be set to the child’s first name.
  • Only authorised participants should appear on the video.
  • It should ideally be supervised by an adult to deal with any technical difficulties.
  • Attendees should be dressed appropriately.
  • The meeting ID is to remain confidential and not to be shared to anyone that it was not designated to.
  • Recording, photos or screenshots of the Zoom meeting are not allowed by participants.
  • The Zoom lesson may be recorded by the hosting teacher and stored in line with the school GDPR and Computing policy.
  • Children must attend the lesson on time, they may not be admitted if arriving late.
  • For participants some Zoom facilities will be disabled by the host teacher. This includes but is not limited to the screen record function, chat and screen share.
  • The same behaviour expectations that are set within a classroom apply to the Zoom lesson and the teacher retains the right to terminate a pupil’s participation.
By accepting the Zoom meeting ID and joining the meeting, with parental responsibility, you agree to the terms set out in this document