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Year 6

Miss Baskeyfield, Mrs Turner, Miss.Williamson and Mrs Glinka would like to welcome you to our homepage! Our teaching assistants in Y6 are Mrs Murray and Mrs. Warren. We hope you enjoy looking at all the fun activities the children will be doing throughout the year and we hope their last year at Seymour Park will be a memorable one. smiley

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Year 6 Meeting Information

Fire Safety Talk with the Fire Service

Fire Safety Talk with the Fire Service 1

A Visit from Our Local MP Kate Green #RightsRespectingSchools

A Visit from Our Local MP Kate Green #RightsRespectingSchools 1
A Visit from Our Local MP Kate Green #RightsRespectingSchools 2

An inspirational Drama Workshop with Joe England from the Lowry Theatre! Addressing Articles 12 and 29 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Seymour Park Community Primary School highly value the rights of every child within our school. We work hard to ensure that each pupil understands their rights,needs and wants and is aware that their pupil voice is respected and heard.

A visit from Parker the Pug to help us write our non-chronological reports.


Outdoor Learning- As part of our TASC approach to learning, the children in Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed designing and building their own dens. The key skills they utilised during this project were:

  • problem solving
  • working with others
  • improving own learning and performance
  • communication​​​​​​​

World War 2 Day

As a celebration of all that we learned as part of our World War 2 topic, Seymour Park returned to the 1940s for a day of rationed cooking, Drama and imagining life as an evacuee. The children's costumes were amazing and we thank you for all your support in making this possible!

Awesome Art

We used WW2 as a stimulus to explore the use of texture in colour and to sketch images of people with greater accuracy.

Super Science

Collaborative and practical learning is at the centre of our Science activities. The children have thoroughly enjoyed creating a model of the heart and 'tinkering' as part of our Electricity unit of learning.

Anti-bullying awareness

Following a Footlights performance in school, Year 6 took part in a discussion about cyber bullying. This inspired the children to create their own anti-bullying posters.

Language for Learning

Having a growth mindset underpins the Year 6 learning experience and the children are amazing at identifying their next steps and addressing any wobbles they may have encountered. Some of the words that you will hear the children using everyday are:

- resilience

- perserverance

- yet

- believe

- effort

- improve

- reflect

- challenge

- wobble