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Welcome to Seymour Park Community Primary School

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I hope that you will agree - we are an


Ofsted definitely think so, but more importantly so do we.


We are a proud partner with TTSA (Trafford Teaching School Alliance) - working collaboratively with other primary schools to share our best practice.


We always try to have lots of exciting things happening and have FUN. 

We are very focused on LEARNING and we use a special Language for Learning throughout the school.

Some of our favourite words include:







Our CORE VALUES are on the next tab - these are very special to us.

We keep adding to our signage around the school including internal Language for Learning signs - why not click below to see the school at its best.

This website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils. You can also check out our stunning Seymour Park GUIDE with a link to the school prospectus page. We hope you love it - we do! 

Let us know how you think we could make the website even better.

We hope that you enjoy your visits to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for.

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Race for Life Day

Mr Rae (This picture was taken after one of our RACE FOR LIFE events)


1. School Aims


To develop a learning community for all


To develop each individual to achieve his or her full potential


To provide the highest quality curriculum and experiences for each child within a caring, safe, attractive environment


To offer opportunities to understand, value and foster relationships


To develop lively, enquiring minds; enabling us to communicate effectively


To enable us to use the knowledge and skills we are taught in a variety of practical situations


To develop self-awareness and an appreciation of our own talents and those of others


To provide varied opportunities for success so that everyone can succeed and be proud


To celebrate achievement and help us to appreciate all that is around us


To be sensitive to everyone’s special needs


To celebrate diversity and promote cohesion and respect for all


To develop an understanding of the world, and an awareness of our responsibility to the environment

2. School Values

We have high expectations for all in school work and in standards of behaviour


We believe in working hard and in doing our best


We believe in equality of opportunity for all


We recognise and respect the diversity of our school community


We take pride in our school community and its environment


We respect the rights, views, needs and property of others


 We believe that school should be a fun and happy place