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We brought our suggestion boxes to the meeting (22/03/2013) and discussed different  ways for children to put their ideas forward to the School Council.

We discussed our school website and things we could do to make it even better. we shared our own ideas and set ourselves the task of consulting with our classmates. Here are our initial thoughts, our first ideas:


  • News from around the world and News from the world of Seymour Park
  • Factfile on a famous person at S. P. (Umar suggested this)
  • Competitions
  • More games eg Wordsearches ( Yaseen thought of this)
  • Jokes page
  • Book review page/reading recommendations linked to our library. We thought we could get this going straight away  and we "volunteered" Sana, as she is always reading. She agreed to do this. Thankyou Sana!
  • Golden Assembly-Headteacher's awards etc (though we talked about how this was displayed on the TV screen in the Entrance Hall.
  • Festivals-maybe something linked to the assembly
  • Year 6 scratch animation films
This led us to think how we could improve our School Council Page.
Estelle suggested we could make a short film to show off our job or show a meeting or a tour around school looking at the impact of the school council's work.
Ruby wondered about creating a stick-it and suggestion box that children could access on the website-a virtual suggestion box-where children could share their thoughts, ideas and questions.
Maybe have a page for the Eco Committee and the Art Committee to explain what they do.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Have you got any other ideas? Share them with your class school councillor.