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Welcome to Nursery 

Our Nursery team includes; Mrs O'Neill, Miss Phillips, Mrs Nagdi, Mrs Kharodia and Mrs Alla.

Welcome to our Nursery page! We are really excited for you all to join us on our learning journey. Keep a look out for regular updates on here.

What is our book as a hook!



Our book as a hook is Walter's wonderful web written by Tim Hopgood. It is the story of a spider whose webs keep getting blown away. The story focuses on the different shapes Walter makes his webs. The Nursery children will be looking at different shapes, designing webs, following spider trails and learning about spiders too. Our focused reading book is Incy WIncy spider written by Keith Chapman. During focused reading the children will be learning that print has meaning, how to start reading at the left and sweep across to the right and from top to bottom. 




We will be sending emails containing reports with pictures of your child’s learning to registered emails. In order to receive these you have to click confirm on the initial email sent. These are a great way of you being able to share and look at your child’s learning journey.

Lets get talking!

Parents often ask us what they can do to help their child at home. One of the most valuable things you can do is to talk to your child about the learning that they have done during their time at school.


You could ask questions using our Seymour Park ‘language for learning’, such as…

*What did you learn today?

*What learning areas did you use today?

*Who helped you with your learning?

*What did you do to try your butterfly best?

*What made you wobble in your learning today?

*Were you challenged today?

Need advice about potty training? We are here to help, have a look at the link below.

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