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Neil McInroy


 My name is Neil McInroy. I have lived in Old Trafford for 13 years and am married with three children.  2 children are at Seymour Park, and my eldest, who is now at high school, also went there. 

I am CEO of a public policy research organisation.  In this, I have experience of all things relating to local and national policy, including local community planning and society.  In particular I am skilled at research and data analysis.  I am also familiar with financial governance and issues relating to human resources.

I have contributed to the board of Governors for over 10 years and have had a period of being Chair and Vice Chair.  In that time I have been an active and supportive member of the schools activities, developments and occasional challenges.

My contribution in the future, will be to maintain the excellent standards, and am open to contribute in any way which would serve to further the development of the school.