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Minutes of meeting 18/01/13

The School Council met on 18/01/13 at 1.10pm in the upstairs part of the library (verrrry comfy!)

 We welcomed Yussuf from 5NT to his first meeting.
We discussed the items on our AGENDA (this is the list of planned topics we want to discuss)
                                                 1. Playground Passes
                                                 2. Suggestion Boxes
                                                 3. Lunchtime ideas                                                 
                                                 4.  A. O. B. (stands for "Any Other Business")
Mrs Tomlinson took the
MINUTES (these are the discussion notes). Next time we will ask for a volunteer to  produce the Minutes of the next meeting.

1. Playground Pass
We listened to Nathan, our Head Boy who explained the lunchtime privilege card system that we are going to introduce next week at dinnertimes and the important role the school Councillors have to play in making it work!
This idea arose as a result of Cosmo(6MB) asking when he could play with other children from different year groups at lunchtime. The plan is that each teacher chooses one child who deserves a privilege/reward to have the "P.P." for one week. That child can choose a friend to go and play in other zones with other children. We, as school councillors have to keep a record of who gains the PP and assess how it's going. (Another job for us, as well as keeping up the class zone numbers!)

2. Suggestion Boxes
All School Councillors now have a suggestion box and many brought them to the meeting and we had a chance to listen to some ideas and thoughts. We especially liked Ruby's idea from her class about having swings in the playground -it led us to talk about the exciting things we'd love to see in our playground eg. swimming pool, BMX track, ponies  etc. We talked about how to encourage our classmates to use the box sensibly. Estelle talked about having a box that you could place your worries in if you didn't want to talk to the teacher. We talked about who you could talk to in school if you were stuck, worried or unhappy. We said we'd think about this for the next meeting and what we could do as a School Council.

3. Lunchtime ideas
We looked at these Minutes from a meeting last year and realised how much dinnertime play had improved.....

"We talked about the numerous activities on offer over dinnertime and how our Learning Mentors, Teaching Assisitants and Dinner ladies (Lunchtime Organizers) were there to help us. We listed : cricket, football, skipping, balls, hoops and other equipment to play with; Indoor clubs and activities that children were invited to join and our system of Playground Friends. We concluded that football caused the  most disagreements and that balls and pitches should not be saved whilst eating lunch. It was suggested that we should have referees for lunch ime matches-maybe Year 6 children could take it in turns. This led us to discuss social skills and how we learn to get along with each other and be fair through playing together. We all thought this was tricky and that's why there are lots of "fall outs" over dinnertime!
 We talked about how it was important to get lots of fresh air. It was pointed out that we get Vitamin D from being outside. For some,  lunchtime was their only physical activity because when they went home they either went to the Mosque or watched television or played games on the computer-so we felt children should go outdoors rather than stay indoors at lunchtimes."  January 2012

4. A.O.B. (Any Other Business)
This section was cut short because we ran out of time!