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Norma Liversedge and Lynn Shuttleworth are the Learning Mentors at Seymour Park.  They work in school from 8am - 4pm every day and provide a wide and varied pastoral care service for our children.  The Learning Mentors form part of the Extended Services team, providing care and activities for our parents, carers, babies and toddlers too!

These are the things we do:

- Breakfast Club
- Toddler Gym (0-4year old gym, songs and activities)
- Little Sparks (parent and toddler/baby play group)
- Attendance / Punctuality / Extended Leave Absence
- Manage playground duty and activities at lunchtimes
- Manage Playground Friends and Quiet Zone Monitors
- Individual and group work with children who need help with self-esteem; making friends and maintaining friendships; social, emotional and behaviour issues; problem solving and more.

The Learning Mentors are in the playground every morning between 8:50 and 9:15 and are happy for parents to have a quick chat (or make an appointment for a longer meeting) if they have any concerns about their children in school.

If you want to find out more about our Extended Services please click the link below:

Norma liversedge and Lynn Shuttleworth