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5JK Guitar Concert

This morning 5JK performed in their Guitar Concert with parents, Year 2 and 5CF in the audience.  They were fantastic musicians!  Read some of their comments below.

"My favourite part of the course was learning Sponge Bob Square Pants." Nikita

"After I performed in the concert I felt proud and like I had done something really good!"  Ruby

"My favourite part of learning to play the instrument was the chords but I found changing from chord to chord hard."  Abdus-sami

"It was tricky singing and playing."  Dania

"My favourite part of the course was playing Yellow Submarine.  I felt proud of myself after the concert"  Louis

Wonderful comments children, thank you for making Mrs Spellman very proud of her class!  Our music teachers Mr Manunza and Mr Parkinson hope that some children will carry on learning the guitar in school during small group lessons.  Grab a form from Mrs Spellman and get even better on the guitar!
Picture 1 Tapping out the rhythm on the guitar body
Picture 2 String two, fret one!
Picture 3 String one, fret three!
Picture 4 5JK in concert!
Picture 5 My Bonnie lies over the ocean!