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3NH & 5AK Mythtime

3NH went to 5AK's class to read the Roman Myths we have written.  3NH were please with themselves and this is what they said it felt like:
Very good, Fun, Brilliant, Fabby-Dabby-Do, Fantastic, Exciting, Amazing, Excellent, Wonderful, Interesting.

This is what the year 5 children thought of our myths:
Brilliant monster, used punctuation that challenged him. Gurnam.

Opening was the description of the hero's palace it captured my imagination because I could picture it in my head. Naomi

Tried to make it exciting. Millie

Description of the monster was great. Hannah

Created a really good suspense. Hibo

Read it clearly and loudly so I could understand it. Amina

Powerful vocabulary and different names of the characters was exciting. Muneebah

2013:Mrs Husain's class have written some brilliant Roman Myths.  The children brought them to 5JK this afternoon to share them.  5JK were very impressed!  Here is what some of the children said:
"Some of the Year 3 children wrote more than I expected."  Umaymah 5JK

"When I came into the Year 5 classroom I felt scared but I didn't feel scared when I was reading."  Anisa 3NH

"Dean's book was awesome!  The battle scene was sick!"  Sadaq 5JK

"It was a bit hard to read but I felt happy."  Bilal 3NH

"They are really advanced at writing because they use really vocab and punctuation."  Bobby 5JK

"I felt embarrassed reading but Year 5 made me feel comfortable."  Hajra 3NH
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